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Below you'll find all the credit card machine resources merchants need to start accepting electronic credit, debit & checking transactions. We offer to merchants the lowest prices, guaranteed, on all credit card machines and accessories.

Dejavoo Z8

The Z8 is a dual communication credit card device that gives you both IP and dial connection options. It includes built-in EMV processing capability so that chip-and-pin payments can be easily accepted. Dejavoo terminals provide merchants with strong security and support, and the Z8 is no exception. Its compact size, contactless payment option, and high speed microprocessor add to the value of this invaluable device.

Dejavoo V9S 3G

The V9S terminals were built with resilience, mobility, and convenience in mind. The battery will give you little worry for constant recharging due to its low power consumption. Given the freedom you’ll have with your 3G network it’s important to have a terminal that can keep up with the demands of the day. The other features included are a backlit keypad, EMV capability, and secure processing architecture, among others.

Dejavoo V9S WIFI

Just like its 3G sibling, the V9S WIFI gives merchants freedom to use it across their location but with router connectivity instead of telecommunication via a SIM card. It also benefits from enhanced battery technology that charges fully in 90 minutes and lasts for over 300 transactions. EMV processing, a small footprint, and a clear screen makes it easy to love the V9S terminals from Dejavoo.

Dejavoo Z9 WIFI

The Z9 WIFI offers the flexibility of using it at a countertop or in a retail/restaurant environment. Its thermal printer, EMV processing, contactless payment capability, and small size make it a great portable device. Its Linux operating system allows fast and secure transactions too. Ask us for more information on this very affordable terminal.

Dejavoo Z9 3G

Merchants will quickly notice the strong battery life of the Z9 3G, which is important for a long-range terminal. EMV processing, contactless payment capability and low power consumption make it an easy choice for anyone looking for a device that can literally go the distance in their business.

Dejavoo V8S

The Dejavoo V8S is a countertop device choice that gives IP and dial connectivity flexibility, with a payment card industry certified processor for its EMV reader. The large back lit display means its use comes easily and the contactless payment option can make transactions faster. The V8S is a workhorse terminal, meant for daily use.

Dejavoo Z11

Another newer terminal from Dejavoo, the Z11 is a countertop touch screen terminal with dial and IP connection options. EMV payments can be accepted, contactless payments are available, the touch pad is backlit, and the microprocessor permits speedy transactions. It’s also highly ergonomic and comfortable to use, a great attribute for a device used as often as a payment terminal.

Hypercom T4205 (In Limited Supply)

The Hypercom Optimum T4205 is the most compact credit card machine available from Hypercom, the leader in innovative point-of-sale terminals. This Hypercom credit card terminal comes with a standard 24MB memory that can easily handle additional value-added applications on demand. The pin-based debit transactions have lower processing rates, thus, allowing businesses a cost-saving approach to accept credit cards at their retail location.

Hypercom T4210 (In Limited Supply)

The Hypercom Optimum T4210 offers a slim profile with features usually found in more advanced models that contain IP or Wireless features, like high memory capacity allowing the inclusion of third-party applications, a faster processor (meaning faster transactions), and an EMV reader to allow chip-based purchases. If you’re looking for a dial solution then the Hypercom 4210 is the tool you need.

Hypercom T4220 (In Limited Supply)

The Hypercom T4220 is a PCI-PED compliant, low cost, Ethernet credit card terminal. It is currently the most popular credit card terminal that we sell. The 4220 can process over an IP connection, or a traditional dial connection, and includes an IP diagnostics program making it easy to setup and diagnose connection problems. The T4220 includes a 15 line per second thermal printer, and has an internal PINpad for PIN debit transactions. The 4220 is one of the smallest credit card terminals available, roughly the size of a box of bank checks, and weighs less than 2lbs. With 24MB of memory, the T4220 can meet the needs of most merchants and can easily handle additional applications such as gift cards.

Hypercom M4230

The Hypercom Optimum M4230 Mobile Credit Card Terminal is a unique mobile terminal that offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. Created to operate on the same terminal application foundation as the popular Optimum T4200 family, the Optimum M4200 series expands the 4200 range, adding mobility to the Optimum terminal family line. The Optimum M4230 incorporates a removable, extra long-life battery for extended use between charges. This truly powerful device has combined all the best-of-breed features of the Optimum T4200 family into a mobile device using common software applications, user interface and supporting systems. While meeting today’s most stringent industry standards for wireless terminal security, the Optimum M4200 family also makes wireless easy and affordable.

Hypercom M4240

The Hypercom Optimum M4240 is the Bluetooth-enabled workhorse of the M4200 series. The Bluetooth technology can more than double the range of your device at your location while connecting to a local router, not a wireless network. Among other features, the M4240 benefits from 1) a long-life battery that lets you use this mobile terminal as long as you need with fewer charges, 2) EMV chip card reader that adds security to your transactions and 3) ATM-style keyboard layout which makes training and input of information as easy as possible. It also has powerful memory which allows other software or features (like loyalty programs) to be installed and operational at the same time. It is truly a great alternative to WiFi devices.

Verifone VX520

Verifone’s VX520 is a very durable device meant for countertop use. Alongside reliability it also boasts industry-standard encryption, speedy processing speeds, and chip-and-pin functionality. Communication-wise the VX520 gives merchants flexibility by handling both IP and dial connectivity. Because of its long-lasting components this terminal will surely be a workhorse in any environment.

Verifone VX820 DUET

Looking for a high-resolution colour touch screen? The VX820 DUET with its backlit keys will provide readability in virtually any environment, and with its large display you can deliver focused promotional and branding messages to clients. This compact yet feature-rich machine comes standard with Verifone’s encryption technology, handles IP and dial connections, and processes EMV transactions.

Verifone vx810 Duet (In Limited Supply)

The Vx810 Duet is an ideal solution for merchants wanting a complete point-of-sale (POS) option for high-traffic and high-volume retail, restaurant and service environments. The Vx810 provides a pay-at-the-counter solution with a light-weight hand-over device and also provides a robust payment solution for multi-lane environments. With the Vx810 Duet you get a powerful, user-friendly PIN Pad with the capabilities of a high-volume and fully-loaded countertop POS with options to let you expand. With the Electronic Cash Register interface (ECRi), you can also connect the Vx810 to your existing POS system and initiate transactions directly from the cash register. Easy to implement and with no requirement to complete a certification, the Vx810 Duet brings you EMV integration in weeks.

Verifone vx670 (In Limited Supply)

The vx670 was designed for a need for terminals that are mobile and tough, the vx670 offers wireless GPRS capability, enhanced data protection using VeriShield security architecture, large keys and a high-pixel display to simplify reading and usage of the terminal. The vx670 provides customer convenience, and is designed for any merchant who needs a secure, feature-rich, portable device. Lightning-fast processing and easy-to-change rechargeable batteries keep customers, employees, and your business on the move.

Ingenico IWL 252 Short-Range Wireless, Bluetooth

The Ingenico IWL 252 is a small, sleek and highly portable Bluetooth device that is perfectly suited to restaurants offering table-side, curb-side and drive-thru service. Up to 5 handheld devices can share one receiving base. Retailers can also benefit. Use this all-in-one wireless POS to accept payments throughout your location. The IWL250 also boasts an extended battery life and an ultra-fast integrated printer. As with all of our solutions this comes with high, state-of-the-art security standards so you and your customers can be confident knowing that transactions are completely secure.

Ingenico IWL 255 Long-Range Wireless, 3G-HSPA

The Ingenico IWL 255 is a small, sleek and highly portable device designed for advanced cellular (3G) technologies perfectly suited to restaurants offering table-side, curb-side and drive-thru service. Like other devices in the IWL200 series it is built for wireless use through comfortable design which still maintaining a great battery life, the high security standards, chip reader capabilities, dual processor architecture for quick processing and an ultra-fast integrated printer.

Ingenico ICT250

The ICT250 is a pioneering payment device that stands alone. It meets payment card industry security requirements, and its light and small form factor means easy handling while still being robust enough for daily use. The backlit keys and smart menu design help make the terminal easier to use, EMV transactions are available, communication can happen over high speed modem or Ethernet, and contactless technology make payments faster than ever.

Ingenico IPP320

For countertop retail solutions, look no further than the Ingenico IPP320. This device is robust and designed for fast checkout or retail environments. It takes up little counter space, is comfortable to use and can connect to many cash registers or collection systems. The IPP320 is always EMV compliant for chip-and-pin processing and functions with high speed modem or internet point-of-sale solutions.