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Our Customer Service Centre has compiled a list of merchants' frequently asked questions. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for solutions to common problems. This information should help to reduce unnecessary processing down time.

Loading your printer and printing issue

When changing the paper roll, make sure that the output of paper is coming out from underneath the roll and be certain that the paper holder clicks into the closed position. To feed paper and verify that it is installed correctly press 3 (Verifone), the paperfeed button next to 0 (Ingenico) or * (Hypercom). Running low on paper? EVO Canada now offers paper rolls for our merchants! Please call 1-877-355-2082 for details or to order.


If your terminal shuts off unexpectedly after a transaction and you would like to have a receipt, Verifone terminals offer a "Reprint" button where you can reprint the last transaction at any time, this button is located next to alpha key. When using an Ingenico terminal, simply select Admin – reports – EMV last trans – and your receipt will reprint. On Hypercoms you need only to press the "Reports" button and select "Reprint".

Transactions to date

If you would like to know how your sales are looking, or if looking to see transaction details, you don't have to wait until you do your settlement! On Verifone terminals select "Reports" and then select "Audit" to print out a detailed report of transactions to date. On Ingenico terminals press the Admin – EMV Reports – EMV statistics. Hypercom terminals offer a "Reports" button, selecting "Audit" will also print a detailed report of the transactions passed since the last settlement.

Connection Issues

These tips are more useful for merchant's whose connection normally works but who are experiencing a blip in their processing, if you are connecting your terminal for the first time please call 1-877-355-2082 so we may give you a full tour of your new terminal. Connection issues are normally generated when the connection is not constant and then loses it's way, in the majority of these cases, a hard reset will fix the issue. To perform a hard reset, unplug your terminal's internet and/or phone line, followed by the power cord. You should wait 20-30 seconds before first plugging in the internal and/or phone line followed by the power cord.

Void vs refund

A credit card payment that is yet to be settled can be void, therefore cancelling the sale. On a debit card or a credit transaction that was settled you must use refund to ensure the funds are transferred back to the cardholder.


To settle your terminal (or close the batch) simply select the settlement key on the terminal. This will erase all transactions from your terminal's memory so remember to print any required reports first!

Voice authorization and offline sales

Some transactions will require a voice authorization; this is specific to the card you will process a transaction on. When the message "voice auth. required" appears on your screen please call the number on the back of the terminal (1-800-268-8241) to obtain an authorization number. You then will have to proceed with an off-line sale to complete the transaction.