Payment Service Provider for Deutsche Bank

Our History

EVO was founded in 1989 as the first payment processors to automate the acquiring process through infrastructure and IT initiatives, and was the first processor to have an auto approval process for the onboarding of merchants. The emphasis on sales at EVO’s inception remains evident through EVO’s continued focus on maintaining industry leading products and services. An effective sales strategy, in EVO’s view, is grounded on establishing a reputation for best-in-class products and service and justifies EVO’s ongoing commitment to innovation

Over the years, EVO’s growth accelerated as it established or invested in new sales partnerships, distribution channels and product offerings. As EVO expanded its distribution capabilities and grew its portfolio of merchant relationships they also became the first payments processor to take on full financial liability from member banks. Key to EVO Payment International’s early and continued success is its risk management system, that when developed, was the most enhanced system of its kind.

EVO Payments International began its push for international expansion in 2009 with the opening of a new office in Montreal, Quebec to service the Canadian market. The Canadian office manages all aspects of the EVO acquiring business for its Canadian merchants and ISO/ESA partners including 24/7 bilingual customer support, bilingual sales support, operations, and risk management and HR teams.

EVO Canada has grown to become the premiere payment processor in Canada, boasting over 20,000 merchants and 3B in credit card volume annually.