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Why Do We Ask for Your Consent?

The EU Directive RL 2009/136/EC (Cookie Law) shall guarantee transparency and security for the users of a website. In accordance with the Directive, the providers of a website in the EU are obligated to inform users about the use of cookies and obtain their consent.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file. Virtually all websites you visit save cookies in your browser. Cookies are used, for example, to save your settings on the visited website or manage your shopping cart in online shops.

If you visit a website repeatedly, the cookies saved for this website are retrieved and therefore generally provide more convenience because you need not reenter certain data, for example.

Thus cookies are mostly useful little helpers, without which many websites would only work in a very limited way.

Which Cookies Are Used in the EVO Payments International GmbH Website?

The EVO Payments International GmbH website uses two kinds of cookies:

We use the so-called session cookies to manage and make your visit to our web pages more comfortable for you. These session cookies are automatically deleted on closing your Web browser. According to the above-mentioned EU directive, these cookies do not require consent since they are technically necessary.

We use Piwik Statistics cookies in order to find out how many users visit our website and which pages are read especially frequently and readily and which pages are of less interest for our users.

With this knowledge, we may better match our supply of information to the users of our website and ensure that important and popular information is found faster. And we can also ensure that obviously less popular information will be reviewed and edited, as needed, to make it more customer-friendly so that it will enjoy greater acceptance and/or offer more useful value.

Sometimes we can also tell if users accessed our web pages directly, via a link or via a search engine, and which search terms they used. This helps us optimize our web pages in such a way that interested parties using search engines will, in the future, be able to find faster the queried information about us, our products and our services.

Piwik Statistics data are collected according to German law in compliance with data protection and, above all, anonymously. For this reason, they allow no conclusions concerning your person.

Therefore we kindly ask you to accept the Piwik Statistics cookies used by us. It benefits all parties involved.

If you want to nonetheless reject the Piwik Statistics cookies from our website, you can hereinafter quite simply set it accordingly: